Grounds Maintenance | Landscaping and Groups Maintenance
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Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance

Looking after your grounds is a big task, no matter the size of the area. From commercial grounds to parks and sporting fields, regular maintenance is required to keep everything looking great and working properly. There’s a lot that goes into looking after these spaces, and it’s certainly a lot more complex than just mowing some lawns.

For expert grounds maintenance in Melbourne, you’ve come to the right place. With years of experience working to maintain, restore and rehabilitate both natural and man-made habitats, Ficus Landscapes is your number one choice.


Professional Grounds Maintenance

There’s no job too big or too small for the qualified team at Ficus Landscapes and our job is taking care of grounds so that you can go about your business. We offer a comprehensive commercial service for all types of sites. Our expertise includes:

  • Lawns and grassed areas
  • Garden maintenance (hedges, shrubs and more)
  • Irrigation maintenance and installation
  • Sports fields
  • Childcare grounds
  • Aged care facilities
  • Weed control
  • Leaf clearing

This list doesn’t include everything we do, but it’s some of the most common services we offer. If you’ve got unique requirements, all you need to do is call. We’ve got the skills, experience and proper equipment to maintain your grounds and facilities to the highest standard.

Tailored for You

We understand that every business, facility and area is different. That’s why we tailor a service arrangement to your needs. Depending on how often your grounds need maintaining, we will adjust our program to suit your needs.

Our commercial landscaping services are personalised to ensure that your grounds get the highest standard of care, as regularly as you need. 

Being a fully qualified landscaping service, you get a little more than you would from your average maintenance team. If your grounds need a bit more work to get them up to your standard, we’re just as qualified to establish new ground as we are to look after existing ones.

Our service is all about you, so talk to us about your requirements today.

Affordable Services

Taking care of your grounds and landscaping by yourself is an expensive task. When you factor in the cost of purchasing lawn care equipment and other tools and materials, it adds up quickly. We know how costly it can be, which is why we offer an affordable alternative.

Our team is qualified, experienced and skilled in all aspects of lawn care, gardening, and general grounds and landscaping maintenance in Melbourne. We understand the local area, the climate and conditions. That’s why so many people trust Ficus Landscapes when it comes to keeping their grounds looking brand new.

Reliable and Regular Services

As for keeping your landscaping and grounds to the highest standard, there are usually three different services.

  1. First, there’s the establishment of new grounds, or the rehabilitation stage if your area has degraded considerably over the years. Our expert commercial landscaping team are well-positioned to consult with you on establishing or rehabilitating your grounds.
  2. Second, if the basis of your landscaping is already in place, but has been let go a little over time, it may just be a matter of restoring the grounds to a high standard. This is usually less effort than full rehabilitation.
  3. There’s also regular maintenance for existing landscaping or an area that is in an overall good condition and just needs a fresh up every now and then.

In any case, we get an overall impression of the situation and listen to the ideas and wishes of our customers. That makes it possible for us to tailor our service to your individual needs. 

Expert Knowledge and Experience

Importantly, when you choose Ficus Landscapes for your grounds maintenance, you’re getting fully qualified experts everytime. We’re always available to give trusted advice and make recommendations in line with your goals. 

Once you start working with us, you’ll see we take a very collaborative approach if required. Whether you want to give your space an upgrade or you’d like to speak to us about landscaping ideas, we’re able to help.

When it comes to looking after your grounds and landscaping, you no longer have to shop around for two different companies. We do everything so that you can get on with your business, safe in the knowledge that your grounds are being cared for and maintained to the highest possible standard.


In addition to performing our contracted duties, we are proactively alert to potential problems before they impact on the site. We monitor developments and issues that affect the ongoing appeal of the property and suggest budget-conscious ways to enhance the site’s appearance, use, safety and value.

Our Strategy


Meet the client and discuss the scope of works and expectations and targets to achieve and warranty an excellent service


Once the information is gathered, we designed a personalised scope of works with time frames, schedules and service information.


Works commence as schedule and planned. Our team will carry out all duties following the scope of works in a safe and professional manner.


During the time of landscaping and grounds maintenance we will be communicating with the client any updates and we will be sending quarterly reports with photos to warranty an excellent communication